Deodorant-Natural and free of Baking Soda & Aluminum

Deodorant-Natural and free of Baking Soda & Aluminum

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Free of Aluminum and Baking Soda. It's a hit!

This gentle formulation works so well by utilizing the mineral power of magnesium hydroxide to help minimize underarm odor by neutralizing odor-causing bacteria without irritating or drying skin. Rich in skin-loving ingredients like shea butter and coconut oil along with arrowroot powder enhances silkiness while promoting ease of application. Great for all skin types even for sensitive skin. We recommend testing a small area first prior to use. 

Offered in 2 scents and 2 sizes, 1.0 oz or 2.5 oz, using essential oil blends in both 

* Smells Like a Rose- floral essence with lavender and rose geranium EO blend

* Earth & Woods- woodsy essence with balsam cedar and bergamot EO blend

Each container sold as a 1oz (push up) or 2.5 oz (twist-up) for hands free application and BPA free. Also great for travel!

Ingredients: magnesium hydroxide, coconut oil, beeswax (vegan alt), arrowroot powder, mid-chain triglycerides, shea butter, candelilla wax, rice bran oil, vit e and EO blend (see choices above)

Instructions: apply to clean, dry underarm using swipe motion as needed, a little goes far!. Store product with cap on.