When we say "Paraben-Free..."

When We Say “Paraben-Free…”

First of all, we will just be honest. A lot of people do not know what parabens are. Nor do they understand why we are so excited to tell the world that mission essentials™ products are paraben-free. If that makes you wonder about the products currently lining your shelves, look at the ingredient lists for combinations of these words:  isobutyl-, butyl-, isopropyl- and propylparaben. Those harsh chemicals are all noticeably absent from mission essentials’ labels!

Parabens are a group of chemicals that began being widely used in cosmetic and body care products since the 1920s. They are added as artificial preservatives. Since nearly all skin care products and cosmetics contain ingredients that can biodegrade, these chemicals are added to prevent and reduce the growth of harmful bacteria and mold – increasing the shelf life of the product. The concern with these additives is that scientific studies suggest that parabens can disrupt hormones in the body and harm fertility and reproductive organs, affect birth outcomes, and increase the risk of cancer. Moreover, they can also cause skin irritation and dermatitis. 

Studies make it clear that parabens should not be used in personal care or cosmetic products. Further, products CAN be made without these chemicals! Our very own mission essentials line is all natural and free of the parabens you should be avoiding. We work diligently to offer shelf-stable products that do not rely on the artificial preservatives.  We utilize natural ingredients such as vitamin e and essential oils, which offer a great deal of antibacterial and anti-fungal protection that you can feel good about.

So, when mission essentials says “paraben-free,” know that we are making a choice for a product line of skin care products that is better for you. All-natural mission essentials products are easy choices for people who are reducing the amount of harmful chemicals in their lives, yet still want to look great, feel great and smell great!

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