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Sanitizer-Hand & Surface, Alcohol-free

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We are excited to offer an alcohol-free hand and surface sanitizer! This water-based sanitizer, made with BZK (benzalkonium chloride), a Quaternary ammonium compound, provides a safe. effective and non irritating option for hand and surface cleansing without the drying effects of alcohol. Our Sanitizer is made for us by a Charleston based manufacturer with an exceptional record of quality production and who has been in business for over 60 years. Offered in 2 convenient sizes: 4oz pump sprayer and 16oz trigger sprayer. UPDATE: as of 2022 this is a special-order item.  Please contact us directly for order assistance.  


For hands, spray on palms, rub to spread evenly over both hands front & back until dry

For surfaces, wipe surface first removing any obvious debris. Spray directly on hard surface (countertops, kitchen and bathroom sink, door knobs, etc) and spread with a clean cloth. Allow to air dry. Recommend a small test area first if any concerns with particular material/surface.

*Please note: Due to the challenges of sourcing bottles and sprayers we are using components as they are available. They may be a different color or style, but rest assured, they all contain the same great product in the size as shown, 4oz or 16oz. We are fortunate to have amazing supply chain partners working with us to ensure we get the supplies we need. Thank you for supporting our efforts so we may support yours!