Bouquet Linen & Room Spray

Bouquet Linen & Room Spray

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We have a limited number our BOUQUET linen and room spray left in stock so be sure to grab one before they are sold out! A natural way to freshen linens, towels and bedding also can be used as a room freshener.

We have developed our beautiful Linen & Room Spray to smell like a fresh bouquet of flowers! The seductive scents of French Lavender and Rose Geranium essential oils are blended with Geranium hydrosol, creating a lovely floral aroma. Organic witch hazel extract has been double distilled and contains 86% witch hazel extract and only 14% alcohol, and therefore lacking any overpowering alcohol scent. This extract is distilled from twigs and bark of the witch hazel tree. Thoughtfully choosing ingredients and size= the creation of our floral spray in a convenient 3oz bottle so you can travel with it too!  

ingredients: deionized water, double distilled witch hazel extract (organic), geranium hydrosol (with sodium benzoate/potassium sorbate/citric acid preservatives for stability), Lavender and Rose Geranium essential oils. 

Use: simply shake well and lightly mist desired areas (linens, towels, bedding, fabrics). Can also use as a room freshener. Awaken your senses with just one spray!



note: Avoid spraying directly on wood surfaces. Spot testing delicate fabrics is suggested.