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Handcrafted Soaps- Lemon Charcoal- Buy 4 and save! - Mission Essentials

Handcrafted Soaps- Lemon Charcoal- Buy 4 and save!

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Handcrafted and deliciously scented soaps--what a great gift!

BONUS! Mix and match. Purchase any 4 soaps and save $2 using the code soap bundle at checkout.

Our Lemon Charcoal soap is scented with Lemon Verbena essential oil blend and, combines our beautiful base with activated charcoal added for a gentle pH and cleanser. Smells soooo good! 

Suitable for all skin types. Our handcrafted soaps range from 3.5 - 4 oz.  Soap appearance may vary slightly from pictures shown. Our soaps are all hand made.

Ingredients: olive, coconut, palm and avocado oils, water, sodium hydroxide, activated charcoal, lemon verbena essential oil blend.

This product is: Chemical Free, Reef Friendly, 100% Natural, Paraben Free, SLS Free, Recyclable package, uses Essential oils, No harsh chemicals, Non-greasy formula